Update November 2017

Yes…. I haven’t updated in months.

I’m working on some changes to my monthly updates beginning January 2018.

I need to spice things up here at my DOT COM, and how many months can I post “33RPM is playing a bunch of gigs, Extermination Angel has a show on such and such a date and Vorzug is still Vorzug”

Well, that will be over soon.


I do have one serious announcement this month and it’s about the band Killboxx. First off the band has added my friend and former Sneaky Pete drummer to the band and changed our name to Tempting Faith and we have a show on December 2nd at Sonomas in Columbia.¬† ¬†That’s the big announcement for this month.

I have a youtube account active now. It’s at www.rollain.us

Also Extermination Angel has a big announcement coming soon.

Just watch the video for now



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